És hora de fer un rap sobre el vostre negoci (No us ho perdeu)


Va començar amb un tuit ...

To say I was blown away is an understatement. I couldn't stop laughing at que bé aquest rap va ser tan reduïtn i em va investigar algú que mai no havia conegut. Aquell algú era Dan Stokes.

Dan va començar Rappitt.com i, en ser una empresa amb problemes econòmics, buscava maneres úniques d’obtenir el paraula (ho entén?) sobre els seus negocis. Van trobar el Martech Zone and after looking me up decided I'd be a great target.

M'encanta ... el màrqueting de goril·les i el màrqueting d'influències rapat up in a tweet. (I did it again). Here's Dan's story:

I developed a passion for music, and specifically rapping, 15 years ago. As my passion for music grew, I realized that I wanted to make this a career choice…with a twist. At Rappitt.com, we truly feel like we have created and perfected our craft, the result is a product that creates custom happiness and awareness for all occasions. I have made 100's of these videos for friends, colleagues, and businessmen alike over the years.

Dan's pricing is beyond fair for this kind of creativity and the end video is just an added bonus. You know you want a rap song about your social profile or your business don't you?

Hopefully, Dan gets some orders from you folks for his great strategy. Let's prove that this type of influencer marketing works!

Què et sembla?

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