Pimex: gestioneu i monetitzeu els vostres contactes de màrqueting


We don't have an active business development team at our agency, so we know that we lose track of leads and miss out on opportunities that could be perfect. Hubspot reports that XNUMX% of marketing leads never convert into sales. Additionally:

XNUMX% of marketers who adopt mature lead management processes report that sales teams contact prospects within one day.

Pimex has launched in beta, allowing users to create automatic replies that satisfy the immediate need for information from a prospective customer. It’s like having a Sales team XNUMX/XNUMX, ensuring that a customer who is online late will receive an immediate answer to his or her questions.

The platform allows marketers and sales teams to:

  • Organize organic leads and their payments
  • detall analítica regarding prospects
  • Give real time updates on the status of your leads
  • Automate responses to newly arriving leads

L' Pimex platform allows marketers and sales teams to obtain real-time information that isn’t provided by the usual analítica tools. Pimex is not a competitor to CRM software but rather a compliment to it for small to medium enterprises.


Pimex is currently free to test out, and operates on any device that has a connection to the Internet, and since the platform is self-sufficient and doesn't require other platforms, it sets itself apart from its competitors.

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