imatges emmagatzemades a la memòria cau, retallades, redimensionades o amb filigrana com a servei

Cloudimage API for Image Compression, Cropping, Caching

Recently, I've been working quite a bit on this site to get the speed up. I've removed a ton of the moving parts to simplify how it's monetized and integrated, but the site speed is still too slow. I'm confident it's impacting my readership and my recerca orgànica reach. After enlisting the assistance of my friend, Adam Small, who operates a lightning fast plataforma de màrqueting immobiliari, the first item he pointed out was that I had some very large images loading in my podcast sidebar.

This was disconcerting since the images come from a third-party site that I have little control over. Ideally, I would have loved to have cropped and cached them locally, but then I would have had to write a rather complex integration. Not to mention that, even with a solid integration, the time it would take to download and resize the images would be awful. So, after doing some searches online, I found the perfect service –

Features of

  • On the first image load, Cloudimage downloads your origin image for your server / SXNUMX bucket, and they cache it on their resizing infrastructure.
  • can optionally resize, crop, frame, watermark, and compress the image to make it responsive and save you time.
  • Your images are delivered to your customers at the speed of light via fast CDNs, resulting in better conversion and more sales.

For my implementation, I had a podcast feed where I wanted to display the podcast images at just XNUMXpx by XNUMXpx but, often, the original images were huge (in dimension and filesize). So – with Cloudimage, we're able to just append the Image URL to the Cloudimage API, and the image is resized and cached perfectly.

Notice the full URL:

  • Token subdomain to CloudImage
  • Command to crop the image
  • Dimensions set to XNUMXpx by XNUMXpx
  • My original file path

I was able to also lockdown my URLs where I could use the Cloudimage API so others can't steal it. Within a few minutes, I had the solution ready, and within the hour I had implemented the solution into our Feed de podcasts Widget.

Què et sembla?

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