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TippingDuane de Imaginació + Innovació has been a great reader and he's my first blog-tippee so I'm going to reward him with some big tips to fine-tune his blog (which is already top-notch!):

Aquests són els meus consells per al vostre bloc:

  1. Search engines really love to rank sites higher if the name of the site matches the domain name. It's one of the reasons why my site will never rank tops for “Marketing and Technology”… doesn't match “douglaskarr”. You've got a fantastic domain but a different blog name. Perhaps you can somehow include “creative” and “traction” in the subheading of your blog (if you want to keep the blog title).
  2. To keep folks around, I'd recommend the Connector de publicacions relacionades i poseu les publicacions relacionades a la part inferior de cadascuna de les vostres publicacions. D’aquesta manera, les persones que us trobin a través d’un motor de cerca llegiran les vostres publicacions i, si no troben exactament el que necessiten, poden quedar-se amb articles addicionals sobre el mateix tema. Això també us ajudarà enllaç profund per al rànquing de motors de cerca.
  3. You've got a couple RSS buttons fighting for my attention. I believe you could better attract folks to your feed by using the default orange RSS feed icons in the far right column instead of the theme's blue icons. (I also recommend using FeedBurner to measure your feeds and add some additional features, like email subscriptions)
  4. Your posts are fantastic, concise and well-written. As well, you have the blessing of living in one of the finest cities on the Planet – Vancouver still takes #1, though. 🙂 To match your style of writing and promote your home, I would love to see you find a great image of Toronto, perhaps the busy skyline at night, and put that has a header image where the big blue header background is. It would liven up your theme. Something similar to the picture on your About Page would be great – it's happy, colorful… and shows some of that hustle and bustle!

Imaginació + Innovació

Fantàstic bloc, Duane! Tenim molt a aprendre de vosaltres, tant amb la vostra formació formal en relacions públiques, màrqueting i fisiologia com amb la vostra feina actual amb la vostra agència de publicitat. Sens dubte, portareu la conversa al següent nivell.

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